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The FY09 data presented in these profiles was obtained from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The profiles listed below are organized by state representative.

Kevin Aguiar, Seventh Bristol  pdf, Word
Geraldo Alicea, Sixth Worcester  pdf, Word
Willie Mae Allen, Sixth Suffolk  pdf, Word
James Arciero, Second Middlesex  pdf, Word
Brian Ashe, Second Hampden  pdf, Word
Cory Atkins, Fourteenth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Demetrius J. Atsalis, Second Barnstable  pdf, Word
Bruce J. Ayers, First Norfolk  pdf, Word
Ruth B. Balser, Twelfth Middlesex  pdf, Word
F. Jay Barrows, First Bristol  pdf, Word
Carlo P. Basile, First Suffolk  pdf, Word
Jennifer Benson, Thirty-seventh Middlesex  pdf, Word
John J. Binienda, Seventeenth Worcester pdf, Word
Daniel E. Bosley, First Berkshire  pdf, Word
Bill Bowles, Second Bristol  pdf, Word
Garrett J. Bradley, Third Plymouth  pdf, Word
Michael Brady, Ninth Plymouth  pdf, Word
William N. Brownsberger, Twenty-fourth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Antonio F. Cabral, Thirteenth Bristol  pdf, Word
Jennifer M. Callahan, Eighteenth Worcester  pdf, Word
Thomas J. Calter, Twelfth Plymouth,  pdf, Word
Linda Dean Campbell, Fifteenth Essex  pdf, Word
Christine E. Canavan, Tenth Plymouth pdf, Word
Stephen R. Canessa, Twelfth Bristol  pdf, Word
James Cantwell, Fourth Plymouth  pdf, Word
Katherine Clark, Thirty-second Middlesex  pdf, Word
Cheryl A. Coakley-Rivera, Tenth Hampden  pdf, Word
Thomas P. Conroy, Thirteenth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Michael A. Costello, First Essex  pdf, Word
Geraldine Creedon, Eleventh Plymouth  pdf, Word
Sean Curran, Ninth Hampden  pdf, Word
Steven J. D'Amico, Fourth Bristol  pdf, Word
Robert A. DeLeo, Nineteenth Suffolk  pdf, Word
Viriato deMacedo, First Plymouth  pdf, Word
Brian Dempsey, Third Essex  pdf, Word
Stephen DiNatale, Third Worcester,  pdf, Word
Paul Donato, Thirty-fifth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Christopher J. Donelan, Second Franklin  pdf, Word
Joseph R. Driscoll, Fifth Norfolk  pdf, Word
James Dwyer, Thirtieth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Carolyn Dykema, Eighth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Lori Ehrlich, Eighth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Lewis G. Evangelidis, First Worcester  pdf, Word
James Fagan, Third Bristol  pdf, Word
Christopher Fallon, Thirty-third Middlesex  pdf, Word
Mark Falzone, Ninth Essex  pdf, Word
Robert Fennell, Tenth Essex  pdf, Word
John V. Fernandes, Tenth Worcester  pdf, Word
Ann-Margaret Ferrante, Fifth Essex  pdf, Word
Barry Finegold, Seventeenth Essex  pdf, Word
David L. Flynn, Eighth Plymouth  pdf, Word
Linda Forry, Twelfth Suffolk  pdf, Word
Gloria Fox, Seventh Suffolk  pdf, Word
John P. Fresolo, Sixteenth Worcester  pdf, Word
Paul K. Frost, Seventh Worcester  pdf, Word
William C. Galvin, Sixth Norfolk  pdf, Word
Sean Garballey, Twenty-third Middlesex,  pdf, Word
Colleen M. Garry, Thirty-sixth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Susan William Gifford, Second Plymouth  pdf, Word
Anne M. Gobi, Fifth Worcester  pdf, Word
Thomas Golden, Sixteenth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Mary E. Grant, Sixth Essex  pdf, Word
William G. Greene Jr., Twenty-second Middlesex  pdf, Word
Danielle Gregoire, Fourth Middlesex,  pdf, Word
Denis E. Guyer, Second Berkshire  pdf, Word
Patricia A. Haddad, Fifth Bristol  pdf, Word
Robert Hargraves, First Middlesex  pdf, Word
Lida E. Harkins, Thirteenth Norfolk  pdf, Word
Jonathan Hecht, Twenty-ninth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Bradford Hill, Fourth Essex  pdf, Word
Kate Hogan, Third Middlesex  pdf, Word
Kevin Honan, Seventeenth Suffolk  pdf, Word
Donald F. Humason Jr., Fourth Hampden,  pdf, Word
Bradley H. Jones Jr., Twentieth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Louis L. Kafka, Eighth Norfolk  pdf, Word
Michael Kane, Fifth Hampden  pdf, Word
John Keenan, Seventh Essex  pdf, Word
Kay Khan, Eleventh Middlesex  pdf, Word
Peter V. Kocot, First Hampshire,  pdf, Word
Robert M. Koczera, Eleventh Bristol,  pdf, Word
Peter Koutoujian, Tenth Middleses  pdf, Word
Paul Kujawski, Eighth Worcester  pdf, Word
Stephen Kulik, First Franklin  pdf, Word 
William Lantigua, Sixteenth Essex  pdf, Word
Barbara L’Italien, Eighteenth Essex  pdf, Word
Jason Lewis, Thirty-first Middlesex  pdf, Word
David Paul Linsky, Fifth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Timothy Madden, Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket  pdf, Word
Elizabeth A. Malia, Eleventh Suffolk  pdf, Word
Ronald Mariano, Third Norfolk,  pdf, Word
Allen J. McCarthy, Seventh Plymouth  pdf, Word
Paul McMurtry, Eleventh Norfolk  pdf, Word
James Miceli, Nineteenth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Aaron M. Michlewitz, Third Suffolk,  pdf, Word
Michael Moran, Eighteenth Suffolk  pdf, Word
Charles Murphy, Twenty-first Middlesex  pdf, Word
James M. Murphy, Fourth Norfolk  pdf, Word
Kevin Murphy, Eighteenth Middlesex  pdf, Word
David Nangle, Seventeenth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Harold Naughton Jr., Twelth Worcester  pdf, Word
Robert Nyman, Fifth Plymouth  pdf, Word
James J. O'Day, Fourteenth Worcester  pdf, Word
Eugene L. O'Flaherty, Second Suffolk,  pdf, Word
Matthew C. Patrick, Third Barnstable,  pdf, Word
Sarah Peake, Fouth Barnstable pdf, Word
Vincent A. Pedone, Fifteenth Worcester  pdf, Word
Alice Hanlon Pelsch, Fourteenth Norfolk  pdf, Word
Jeffrey Perry, Fifth Barnstable  pdf, Word
George Peterson Jr., Ninth Worcester  pdf, Word
Thomas Petrolati, Seventh Hampden  pdf, Word
William Smitty Pignatelli, Fourth Berkshire  pdf, Word
Elizabeth Poirier, Fourteenth Bristol  pdf, Word
Karyn Polito, Eleventh Worcester  pdf, Word
Denise Provost, Twenty-seventh Middlesex  pdf, Word
Angelo Puppolo, Twelfth Hampden  pdf, Word
John Quinn, Ninth Bristol  pdf, Word
Kathi-Ann Reinstein, Sixteenth Suffolk  pdf, Word
Robert L. Rice Jr., Second Worcester  pdf, Word
Pam Richardson, Sixth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Michael Rodrigues, Eighth Bristol  pdf, Word
John Rogers, Twelfth Norfolk  pdf, Word
Dennis A. Rosa, Fourth Worcester  pdf, Word
Richard J. Ross, Ninth Norfolk,  pdf, Word
Michael Rush, Tenth Suffolk  pdf, Word
Byron Rushing, Ninth Suffolk  pdf, Word
Jeffrey Sanchez, Fifteenth Suffolk  pdf, Word
Rosemary Sandlin, Third Hampden  pdf, Word
Tom Sannicandro, Seventh Middlesex,  pdf, Word
Angelo M. Scaccia, Fourteenth Suffolk,  pdf, Word
John W. Scibak, Second Hampshire,  pdf, Word
Carl Sciortino, Thirty-fourth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Stephen Smith, Twenty-eighth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Frank Israel Smizik, Fifteenth Norfolk  pdf, Word
Todd M. Smola, First Hampden,  pdf, Word
Theodore Speliotis, Thirteenth Essex  pdf, Word
Robert Spellane, Thirteenth Worcester  pdf, Word
Christopher N. Speranzo, Third Berkshire  pdf, Word
Joyce Spiliotis, Twelfth Essex  pdf, Word
Marie St. Fleur, Fifth Suffolk  pdf, Word
Harriett L. Stanley, Second Essex  pdf, Word
Thomas Stanley, Ninth Middlesex  pdf, Word
Ellen Story, Third Hampshire  pdf, Word 
William M. Straus, Tenth Bristol  pdf, Word
David Sullivan, Sixth Bristol  pdf, Word
Benjamin Swan, Eleventh Hampden  pdf, Word
Walter F. Timilty, Seventh Norfolk  pdf, Word
Stephen Tobin, Second Norfolk  pdf, Word
Timothy J. Toomey Jr., Twenty-sixth Middlesex  pdf, Word
David Torrisi, Fourteenth Essex  pdf, Word
Cleon Turner, First Barnstable  pdf, Word
James E. Vallee, Tenth Norfolk  pdf, Word
Joseph Wagner, Eighth Hampden  pdf, Word
Brian Wallace, Fourth Suffolk  pdf, Word
Martin J. Walsh, Thirteenth Suffolk  pdf, Word
Steven Walsh, Eleventh Essex  pdf, Word
Daniel K. Webster, Sixth Plymouth  pdf, Word
James Welch, Sixth Hampden  pdf, Word
Alice K. Wolf, Twenty-fifth Middlesex  pdf, Word 

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